Hey there, my name is Emely Pascual and I'm a 2D artist that creates work to tell stories that make kids smile and adults have wonder what in the world is going on.
I focus on making playful illustrations that can be enjoyed by all ages using both 2D and 3D methods to help make sense of my clients’ ideas visually that sound great in their brains all while keeping the fun nonsense. In other words, I work to effectively tell my stories and others’ as well. I try to put a few ounces of subtle humor in my work because several pounds of serious stuff has a tendency to fall flat.
So even if the audience is small, no matter the age, I want them to have fun with the stories and ideas I might create or help create much like how I have been able to connect with creators who’ve helped make my day in small ways whether it’d be a cool illustration or a new animated series. 
If you need to cater to all ages and your ideas are a little heavy, I can lighten them for you!
Contact me with Business inquiries or just say hi at hello.empascual@gmail.com
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