Varavhal Dayfriend Vunakekaki (Goliath Bard)
Britney (Half-orc Paladin)
Dayfriend's Expressions
Dayfriend's Inventory

Character Designs for comic "'39"

Racer Rabbit Character and Vehicle Designs

Gangstar Magica: Redesign of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Golden Wind) characters as magical girls

Mechs from left to right: Lesser Bun, Kicks, Illuminati

Mech designs based off of sneakers from left to right: Addison-Y1-L, Nicole-AJ1xB-RBW, Rebecca-IFOG-C

Cryptic Care, Rescue & Rehabilitation Squadron: Character designs for personal project in development
From left to right: Barry Hughes, Peter Pumpkin, Marcia Morales Morquecho Moreno Montenegro
Style exploration for "The Huntress & The Boar"

Robots Designed for making pasta from left to right: Paolo Pastaio, Borromeo Bollente

Pyroteller: Entertainer robot that tells stories through forming images with the flames in its bulb

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