The year is 27XX, life on Earth has changed dramatically... homo sapiens no longer exist... animal life has evolved... the world is an overgrown Garden that’s... well... you know... managing? 

Walking Forest: Craig Baker

First location Human and his friends need to arrive at. Craig is a giant walking forest where most of Part 1 takes place. It's where many of the creatures of the Garden live and work. Human and Syrup go to find this walking forest in order to bring Buddyboy home.

Father Fabio: Leader of the Bird Cult known as "Society of the Giving Lips"
Members of the "Society of Giving Lips"
Beetle Villagers from "The Buggle"

"Maple Tree Community"

Part 1 kicks off with Human being brought here by Syrup. A run-down, overgrown building full of sentient maple trees right smack dab in the middle of what used to be London.

"Betsy's Butter Churning Factory"

Butter is made here by the hard work of underpaid butterpups. Butter is the main form of currency in the Garden. Human and his friend's rescue a butterpup named Cholesterol and bring him back here.

Concept Painting of Buddyboy's Home

Concept Painting of a Cottontail Tailor's home

De Nuit's HQ
Bitcoin's Hideout
Tulip Flora Community
Feline Country Condos
The Buggle

"The Trench"

Restaurant at the beginning of Part 2 that Human and his friends go in to when the arrive in the Solomons, the Underwater country in the Garden.

Fish Fish Clan: Antagonists from part 2. The three of them are siblings with Takoyaki (far left) being the oldest, Sashimi (middle) being the youngest
Sea Anemoneans
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